Avengers of The Fellowship

Wave Echo Cave

18 Mirtuul Wo Wo Wo (*Wo Wo Wo*)

The PCs reunite Gundren Rockseeker with his brother Nundro. They also met the mysterious gnome Wowo, with her Marmoset MeMe and her badger, Bob.

Sildar, Gundren, Athos, Cerena, & Nundro all left to return to Phandalin to get nundro returned to health and make plans for the cave.

The party found an old miner’s barracks with some sleeping Bugbears and made quick work of them. After Thia went invisible and explored the cave the party encountered a Spectator, seemingly guarding the forge of spells.

The party convinced the confused entity it’s duty was fulfilled and it disappeared. They then figured out how to gain entry through the security mechanisms to find the forge of spells. Imbuing magical energy into their weapons and armours for a temporary amount of time.

Alvo decided to jump into the ‘forge’ disappearing leaving only his trinket and ring of protection floating on the water’s surface.

After a daring (& incredulous) rescue by Wowo the party brought Alvo back through the Forge.

Finally the party ventured further South into the mine discovering a Wraith named Mormessk. Mormessk proposed a trade and being offered the Spider Staff by Krill, offered up the gems and coin in his chest, providing a chill warning to the party not to take anything else from the room, and not to lay their hands upon the ornate wooden pipe on the table.


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