Thoraduul Brawnhammer


Hails from Mintarn

-Born to the Gold Dwarves of South Faerun with a birthmark on his forehead.
-His father who was the 7th son of a 7th son was slain in a battle shortly after he was born and Thoraduul was sent to his mother’s cousins family of the warrior like Shield Dwarves of the North.
-After this his mother disappeared. It is with the Shield Dwarves that he learned to fight and he developed a connection to Marthammor Duin which became stronger as he got older.

-When he became of age he left the Shield Dwarves and trained as a soldier on the island of Mintarn as Thoraduul believes that for the Dwarven race to remain protected and safe, and to achieve their true potential they must learn of the world around them. They need to find trusted allies and identify dangerous enemies and not stay locked away in their mountain kingdoms waiting for something to happen.

By joining the army he could travel widely and learn first hand of these things and through combat bring honour to the Brawnhammer clan of which there is much secrecy and whispering surrounding the family he never knew in South Faerun.

He hopes his deeds might inspire others of his kin to follow the same path of adventure to bring wisdom and prosperity to the Dwarven race.

-Once his training finished in Mintarn he travelled to Neverwinter as part of a merc company that served as army and city watch.

-While at the city he started to witness the soldiers there taking advantage of their position and abusing their power on those who they were supposed to protect.

One incident drove him too far as his squad was sent to back up the city watch who had caught themselves in a fight with a number of townsfolk. When he arrived to the scene he learned that a group of soldiers had been in a circle beating an elderly man for trying to defend his daughter from being harassed by one of the soldiers and the towns people united in trying to stop the soldiers and protect the man.

This angered Thoraduul and he and his squad entrenched themselves between the people and the soldiers and aided the people in pushing back the offending soldiers. Upon the higher ups hearing of this Thoraduul was suspended from active duty and he left Neverwinter towards Phandalin.


Thoraduul Brawnhammer

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