Thia Galanodel


A Daughter of Elven Nobility, Thia Galdonel is an Elven Druid of more than 200 years of age. 5ft 7 in height, with pale silvery skin, black hair down to her waist, and green eyes piercing like two Jade emeralds. Thia grew up in Ivennor with her two parents and older brother. Theren, Thia’s older brother and heir to the Ivennor estate was killed while out hunting dragons. Thia’s parents sent a battalion of guardsmen who discovered and slayed the iron dragon Fafnir. They also attacked and killed a dragon youngling which was with the dragon but whilst dealing with the much more lethal adult dragon the child escaped. The soldiers found the bodies of Theren and several of his personal guard not more than two days ride from their estate. Whilst certainly within range of the dragon’s lair there was nothing conclusive that Theren was felled by the dragon. While out exploring near where the dragon was killed, Thia found a young iron dragon, hungry, dishevelled and weak, but very much still alive, near the site where they found her brother. Having always felt a close bond for all creatures Thia couldn’t bring herself to fell the beast. This flew in the face of
her clans traditions by not telling her elders immediately of the potential future threat. Thia wished to learn from the youngling so she healed it and raised it and over time learned it’s language. The young Dragon named Shenron told Thia that her brother had met with Fafnir but not in battle, but in fact had spoke with the dragon on several occasions. The young dragon was not present when Theren was killed. He told Thia a tale of an ancient dragon and Elf who over 2000 years ago discovered a powerful magic. The Elf was betrayed by the Dragon who escaped with this book of magic. The tome of magic was a powerful artifact but Shenron admitted he did not even know it’s name, of if it actually ever existed.

Thia’s Brother Theren believed this myth to be real and was searching for dragons hoping to learn the location of this book.
Thia’s parents, Adanessa & Ceris were furous that Thia kept the existence of the hatchling from them and disowned her part in healing the dragon wyrm. They had one of Thia’s closest friends executed,a servant girl named Birel. Guilty over her inability to prevent her brother death, and her part in the cause of Birel’s death, Thia decided to continue her brother’s quest, shunning her responsibilities as heir to Ivennor. Thia has not seen her family in several decades and she is unaware that her parents in their last days seek her out to make amends and ensure she reclaims her birthright as the rightful heir of Ivennor.

Personal Goal: The Quest of Theren *

Thia’s history and search for information about dragons has meant that she has heard rumours of a dragon in these parts. While Thia is aware she is no match for a dragon in combat, she is hoping to parlay with such a beast, and hopefully glean some information from the dragon about the tome of spells her brother was searching for.

Thia Galanodel

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