Biff Bumbledorff (Red)

A ruthless Crime Boss, Seeking revenge on Alvo Deadshot


Red is the leader of The Reapers.

Red takes thugs and people who have let him down, brands them and puts them to work around the city. The Redbrands


Red once was a young adventurer named Biff Bumbledorff when he got caught up in a quest to save a pregnant woman who had been kidnapped from the town of Vilkstead on the Purple Rock Isles by a mysterious cult.

Given the codename “Mr. Red” to protect his identity, Biff took to the moniker, and enjoyed it immediately. Eventually settling on Red, he succeeded in defeating the cultists who had kidnapped the woman and, while not in time to save the mother, managed to save the three children who were still alive inside of her.

Those 3 children were Wulfen Greymane, Reejus, and their younger sister, TBC.

Red was asked to take the smaller of the two boys to the city of Neverwinter and keep an eye on him. Red left the child at the Citadel Cathedral in Neverwinter, and abandoned his birth name of Biff.

- Redacted -

Many years later, Red is the head of the infamous Reapers who are a key part of the Black Network. He has hired Alvo several times as a thief, and smuggler for odd jobs.

Alvo robs him of a black sapphire worth 5,000 gp. Red puts wanted posters for Alvo, Wanted Dead of Alive…


Biff Bumbledorff (Red)

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