Linene Graywind

A sharp-tongued human woman of fifty-five


Lionshield Coster, a merchant company based in the city of Yartar, over a hundred miles to the east. They ship finished goods to Phandalin and other small settlements throughout the region, but this outpost has been hard hit by banditry. The most recent Lionshield caravan due in Phandalin never arrived. (It was attacked and its cargo captured by the Cragmaw goblins.)

She knows that bandits have raided Lionshield caravans, but she doesn’t know who is responsible.

In a back room, Linene keeps a supply of armor and weapons, all of which are for sale to interested buyers.

Linene has a few scruples, however, and won’t sell weapons to anyone she thinks might be a threat to the town. Among those with whom she refuses to do business are The Redbrands. She warns the characters that the ruffians are trouble and advises them to avoid the Sleeping Giant tap house.


Linene Graywind

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