Avengers of The Fellowship

Jinkies... It's a Secret Door!!!

Our characters continued through Tresendar Manor, where they left off the week prior.

Alvo & Thoraduul covered the outside while the party ventured further into the manor. Shoran narrowly avoiding falling into a pit trap in the first hallway.

The party fought off some undead skeletons and redbrand jailors and then discovered the Dendrar family. Despite Shoran breaking not one but two lockpicks in the door. Eventually Krill was able to break the cell door open using a crowbar. The party then successfully unlocked the Redbrand armoury and Thia discovered a secret door.

When Shoran went looking for Thoraduul for healing he found him nowhere to be seen. The tracks they left seemed to go into town. At this point the party left the manor with the family and ran back to the safe harbour of the Stonehill Inn where they spent the night. (Lcok-in)


keithquinlan keithquinlan

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