Avengers of The Fellowship

Drink until we Drop.
8th Mirtuul, Year of the Dragon

Saved Gundren
Killed Vyerith & King Grol
Heard about second Doppleganger.
Back to town.

Phandalin Militia training with Daran.

The gang got drunk.
Thia rebuffed Shoran.
Thia & Shoran in their beds.
Krill & Thoraduul smashed their mugs and passed out on the floor.
Alvo walked Sister Garaele home, flirting his ass off.

Musician asleep on the piano.

Sildar & Gundren on the stairs. (Elsa leaving Sildars room)

How many lives do cats have?

Revive Shoran
Travel to Cragmaw

BIG Fight

How to Make Friends & Alienate People
  • Neverwinter Woods
  • Venomfang
  • Phandalin
  • Inn (Daran / Militia)
  • Sister Garaele (Shorans Body)
  • Picked up armour
  • Neverwinter
  • Stables (Letter / Daran)
  • Temple of Lathander
  • Paladin Named Nazhar
  • Travelled to Tower District / Temple of Kord
  • Met a disciple of Kord who was less than helpful
  • Went to Steinn & Wineskinn
  • Found Wanted Sign for Alvo
  • Stayed in the same Room
  • Woke up next morning (Alvo’s room unlocked)
  • Have to Meet Nazhar at daybreak

4 Days

I mean, this couldn't have gone ANY worse.
No, honestly

The party headed into Thundertree where they encountered the Druid Reidoth. Reidoth marked the location of Cragmaw Castle on the PC’s map, before warning them from entering Thundertree.

The party then decided to explore Thundertree against the advice of the druid. Fighting off several zombies, twig blights and giant spiders. Eventually the party came across the current lair of the young green dragon, known as Venomfang.

When Venomfang left on a hunt the party entered his lair, and spent a long time searching through the dragon’s belongings and his hoard of treasures. However the party overstayed their welcome and soon the dragon returned. Immediately detecting the intruders.

Thia convinced the dragon to spare the lives of the adventurers by giving away all of their coins (bar Krill & Alvo who were outside). Thia tried to trick the dragon by keeping her gold coins to herself but was caught in her deception. Then,
Shoran attempted to trick the dragon by leaving a bag of ball bearings instead of coins but was also caught out. At this point the dragon became enraged releasing his poison breath towards the three adventurers.

Laoise was immediately unconscious and dieing. Shoran was dead before he hit the floor, his final act throwing his small body in front of Thia to shield her from the poison.

Krill (who was outside) ran into the old cottage and pulled Laoise & Shoran out of there, while Thoraduul grabbed Thia. The party seemed doomed until the druid Reidoth appeared and told the party to flee while he held the dragon off. The party had reached the treeline and were maybe 100ft into the Neverwinter Woods when we left off.

Let's RP the Sh** Outta This Thing!!


Hobgoblins attack but don’t venture into the Wizard’s courtyard for reasons unknown. Krill was haunted by nightmares in his sleep and the rest of the group decided that they shouldn’t spend the night near the watchtower.

Exhausted and travelling for several days they made it back to the town of Phandalin.

The party spent the night getting to know each other better before heading to bed. The mysterious Tiefling Laoise spent the night sitting separately from the group saying she needed to think about some things. When the party went to bed she motioned for Alvo to join her, showing Alvo him something before leaving to go to bed. Alvo threw it into the fire without a word.

The next day the party met Steve’s Wife & Daughter who were searching the area looking for him. They informed the family of his demise, and the location of the gravesite, granting them some semblance of closure.

Sister Garaele gave the party three potions of healing for their help with their order. As they were leaving she asked Alvo to remain. He asked her to track down the meaning of his trinket which he was given at birth. She offered to aid Alvo if he joined the order of the Harpers. The others were asked to leave and Sister Garaele swore Alvo into the Order and afforded him the title of Watcher.

After Alvo flirted using his mage hand with the clerk in the town master’s office, he managed to wrangle a meeting with the townmaster for the group.

Harbin Wester told the party if they could find funds and / or equipment for the militia he would authorise it’s formation, with Daran Edermath as the head of the militia.

The party stocked up on supplies in Barthen’s Goods where Barthen asked for news of Gundren. Admitting they knew he was being held by King Grol but had no leads on the location of Cragmaw Castle, Elmer suggested that they travel North, to the town of Thundertree in an attempt to find Reidoth the druid who spends most of his time in the wilderness around the Sword Coast.

The Session ended with the party standing atop a hill looking down over the town of Thundertree.

Previously on AMC's....The Walking Dead.

Travelled along road towards Agatha’s lair, when they realised they were not alone. They realised there was a Tiefling Ranger named Laoise who joined them.


They met Agatha and got the last known location of Bowgentle’s spellbook.
They travelled along the road where they saw a beggar they recognised as Aefed. (Didn’t understand truffle reference) (Doppleganger). After quizzing them on their intent he left heading Eastward and disappeared.

They then travelled to Old Owl Well where they encountered a necromancer. After a failed sneak mission, and then a failed deception mission the necromancer attacked and a fierce battle took place between the wizard, and his zombie minions.

Eventually the tide was turned when Thoraduul Brawnhammer used his divine ability to turn undead to cause most of the zombies to shuffle off into the wilderness.

Searching the Necromancer’s tent they found several useful items. That’s where the session ended.


The gang were informed by Sildar Hallwinter that a member of the Lord’s Alliance, Iarno Albrek was missing, last seen several months ago near Tresendar manor (coincidentally about the time that the Redbrands became more active).

Thoraduul & Alvo returned from clearing out the Stone Giant Inn. The party then invaded Tresendar Manor where they killed several Redbrands. They met a new Redbrand Recruit named Steve. Despite realising that Steve was a nice guy the party fed him to the Nothic in an attempt to assuay the beast’s ire.

After spending the night safely in the armoury they discovered that Iarno had escaped.

The party then found a beaten down goblin that couldn’t speak in common. They locked him into a cell in the manor and left him with 3 Redbrand bodies.

The group informed Sildar Hallwinter that Iarno was a traitor, and that he had escaped and Sildar left to speak to the Lords’ Alliance. Sildar also recognised that one of the letters was sealed with the crest of the infamous and elusive Reaper Gang

The group also met Harbin Wester, the townmaster of Phandalin who hired them to take out the Orcs on the Eastern Trail. He believed they were based out of Wyvern Tor

Sister Garaele told the party about Agatha and requested they ask her about Bowgentle’s spellbook.

Travelling East along the Wilderness of the Triboar trail, the party was attacked by 7 goblins. The next day they were attacked by an Ogre. Finally the next night they were attacked by 6 Orc Raiders.

We last left the party less than a day’s travel from the ruins of Conyberry, close to Agatha’s Lair, and the Old Owl Well

Jinkies... It's a Secret Door!!!

Our characters continued through Tresendar Manor, where they left off the week prior.

Alvo & Thoraduul covered the outside while the party ventured further into the manor. Shoran narrowly avoiding falling into a pit trap in the first hallway.

The party fought off some undead skeletons and redbrand jailors and then discovered the Dendrar family. Despite Shoran breaking not one but two lockpicks in the door. Eventually Krill was able to break the cell door open using a crowbar. The party then successfully unlocked the Redbrand armoury and Thia discovered a secret door.

When Shoran went looking for Thoraduul for healing he found him nowhere to be seen. The tracks they left seemed to go into town. At this point the party left the manor with the family and ran back to the safe harbour of the Stonehill Inn where they spent the night. (Lcok-in)

We're just hear to drink beer and kill Goblins...
& we're all out of beer.

The party explored deeper into the Cragmaw cave when suddenly Thia appeared to assist. They then ventured into the final parts of the cave where they met a goblin named Yeemik who they allowed to leave in exchange for releasing Sildar.

They returned to the Stonehill Inn where they washed the faeces off themselves and spent the night recuperating.

The group returned to the Lionshield Coster where Linene payed them 50 gold.


Tresandar Manor

fight / cloaks


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