Avengers of The Fellowship

Week 2 - Welcome to the Jungle

Grazzlegroob and Grooblegrazzle.
Met Queen Grabstab, Illie exploded with a Warding Glyph

Exploding the royal tent and killing many goblins, both guards, villagers, fishermen and other innocents including many ant farmers

The village flew away leading for the party’s guide Qawasha to be trapped in the net and last seen being flung far across the jungle.

His trusty sidekick Kupalue running off into the jungle after him.

Travelled Shoran found a metal shield with a t-rex motif (& an arm still attached), the party also came across a Half-Orc impaled in a tree.

Statue of Vorn – Day 11 on the island late evening.

Welcome to the Jungle!

Day 4

Parrots / Wildlife
Met a herd of brontasaurs,
Came upon a camp. Dead Halflings. “Terror Folk”

Escaping the Glass

Gave up weapons, Laoise appeared.

Escape in forest thanks to Alvo’s acrobatics, escaped the forest and killed Redbrands and Glasstaff including the Displacer Beast Loki.

The Siege of Phandalin

People in inn cautious.

Gang discuss options. They eventually decide to trick the Redbrands into entering the Sleeping Giant Inn, and killing them with poisoned ale.

Thia & Alvo scout the Neverwinter woods to the North, discovering a Redbrand encampment. (Falcon poop)

Wowo & Shoran spend the day harvesting material to poison the Redbrands (14 ppl)

Krill & Thoraduul meet with the owner of the Sleeping Giant and trick him into accepting a party booking for the Redbrands arrival. They offer to act as security guards for the night. They also met with Daran Edermath, who warned them to be careful and said he would do his best to mobilise the militia, and Harbin Wester, who seemed disapproving of the group.

Receiving a letter from Athos Dern asking them to meet at Tresandar Manor at sundown, the gang obliged.

Wave Echo Cave
18 Mirtuul Wo Wo Wo (*Wo Wo Wo*)

The PCs reunite Gundren Rockseeker with his brother Nundro. They also met the mysterious gnome Wowo, with her Marmoset MeMe and her badger, Bob.

Sildar, Gundren, Athos, Cerena, & Nundro all left to return to Phandalin to get nundro returned to health and make plans for the cave.

The party found an old miner’s barracks with some sleeping Bugbears and made quick work of them. After Thia went invisible and explored the cave the party encountered a Spectator, seemingly guarding the forge of spells.

The party convinced the confused entity it’s duty was fulfilled and it disappeared. They then figured out how to gain entry through the security mechanisms to find the forge of spells. Imbuing magical energy into their weapons and armours for a temporary amount of time.

Alvo decided to jump into the ‘forge’ disappearing leaving only his trinket and ring of protection floating on the water’s surface.

After a daring (& incredulous) rescue by Wowo the party brought Alvo back through the Forge.

Finally the party ventured further South into the mine discovering a Wraith named Mormessk. Mormessk proposed a trade and being offered the Spider Staff by Krill, offered up the gems and coin in his chest, providing a chill warning to the party not to take anything else from the room, and not to lay their hands upon the ornate wooden pipe on the table.

Drink until we Drop.
8th Mirtuul, Year of the Dragon

Saved Gundren
Killed Vyerith & King Grol
Heard about second Doppleganger.
Back to town.

Phandalin Militia training with Daran.

The gang got drunk.
Thia rebuffed Shoran.
Thia & Shoran in their beds.
Krill & Thoraduul smashed their mugs and passed out on the floor.
Alvo walked Sister Garaele home, flirting his ass off.

Musician asleep on the piano.

Sildar & Gundren on the stairs. (Elsa leaving Sildars room)

How many lives do cats have?

Revive Shoran
Travel to Cragmaw

BIG Fight

How to Make Friends & Alienate People
  • Neverwinter Woods
  • Venomfang
  • Phandalin
  • Inn (Daran / Militia)
  • Sister Garaele (Shorans Body)
  • Picked up armour
  • Neverwinter
  • Stables (Letter / Daran)
  • Temple of Lathander
  • Paladin Named Nazhar
  • Travelled to Tower District / Temple of Kord
  • Met a disciple of Kord who was less than helpful
  • Went to Steinn & Wineskinn
  • Found Wanted Sign for Alvo
  • Stayed in the same Room
  • Woke up next morning (Alvo’s room unlocked)
  • Have to Meet Nazhar at daybreak

4 Days

I mean, this couldn't have gone ANY worse.
No, honestly

The party headed into Thundertree where they encountered the Druid Reidoth. Reidoth marked the location of Cragmaw Castle on the PC’s map, before warning them from entering Thundertree.

The party then decided to explore Thundertree against the advice of the druid. Fighting off several zombies, twig blights and giant spiders. Eventually the party came across the current lair of the young green dragon, known as Venomfang.

When Venomfang left on a hunt the party entered his lair, and spent a long time searching through the dragon’s belongings and his hoard of treasures. However the party overstayed their welcome and soon the dragon returned. Immediately detecting the intruders.

Thia convinced the dragon to spare the lives of the adventurers by giving away all of their coins (bar Krill & Alvo who were outside). Thia tried to trick the dragon by keeping her gold coins to herself but was caught in her deception. Then,
Shoran attempted to trick the dragon by leaving a bag of ball bearings instead of coins but was also caught out. At this point the dragon became enraged releasing his poison breath towards the three adventurers.

Laoise was immediately unconscious and dieing. Shoran was dead before he hit the floor, his final act throwing his small body in front of Thia to shield her from the poison.

Krill (who was outside) ran into the old cottage and pulled Laoise & Shoran out of there, while Thoraduul grabbed Thia. The party seemed doomed until the druid Reidoth appeared and told the party to flee while he held the dragon off. The party had reached the treeline and were maybe 100ft into the Neverwinter Woods when we left off.


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