Shoran Barnil


Shoran Barnil, or ‘Shadow’ as he is called by his friends, is a Halfling Rogue hailing from Marblepine. At just 27 years old, Shoran is young for a halfling and can be considered just becoming an adult (by halfling standards). Shoran never knew his parents and if it wasn’t from the birth cert he lifted from his orphanage, he wouldn’t even know their names. Despite Marblepine being a relatively small town, Shoran spent his life avoiding notice while trying to steal what he had to in order to survive. Most commoners took no notice of the thinly halfling and those that did looked down upon him, (both literally and figuratively.) Despite a few other urchins he met on the streets, Shoran had no close friends. He has never had need of them. In fact the closest thing that Shoran can call to a friend is his pet mouse, Thorak that he keeps in the hood of his cape. One day Shoran decided he’d had enough of his life of squalor and attempted to rob the prized possession of the town’s mayor, Kraven Hillbrook (Dwarf). Kraven had in his manor a longsword seemingly cast out of solid gold. A prize that seemed very out of place for the mayor of a town the size of Marblepine.

Naturally the brash halfling went in without a plan and everything fell apart. Shoran escaped the town with a small purse of gold he found on a locker but nothing else of value. Realising he was a marked man in Marblepine he made the travel to Neverwinter. He arrived in the City 2 days before our adventure begins, where he made the attention of none other than Alvo Deadshot. Seeing the potential of having someone like Shoran on board he invites him along to join him on the quest.

Shoran is probably just using the human rogue, at least at first. But he sees Alvo as an opportunity to finally improve his standing in life, or if nothing else. An easy path to more coin. Besides it is not the like the halfling had anything better to be doing!

Shoran is also keen to discover who his parents are and what has become of them. All he has is their names, taken fro m his birth certificate. Alton & Eliza Barnil.

Shoran Barnil

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