Gaunt, White-Bearded Human.


Doesn’t use two words when one word will do. Though he receives very few visitors, he is reasonably hospitable.

Reidoth is adept at staying away from the ash zombies that overrun the village, as well as avoiding the area’s mutated plants. He knows that dangerous spiders lurk in the ruins at the base of the hill, and he suspects that someone is hiding out on the eastern side of town

He’s seen “folk in black masks and cloaks” (the cultists) skulking around. However, he is currently most concerned by the fact that a green dragon has moved into the tower since the last time he was here. He warns the characters of all these threats, and suggests that they leave Thundertree before they get themselves killed.

If the characters ask about Cragmaw Castle, Reidoth gladly provides directions. He is a member of The Emerald Enclave, a widespread group of wilderness survivalists who preserve the natural order while rooting out troublesome threats. The enclave works to restore and preserve the natural order by keeping the elemental forces of the world in check, preventing civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another, and helping others survive the perils of the wilds. The goblins are a threat to the delicate balance.

If the characters ask Reidoth about Wave Echo Cave, he will not divulge its location but will offer to guide the party there in exchange for a favour: he wants them to chase off the dragon. If they succeed, Reidoth will honour his part of the agreement but will not accompany the party inside the mine.

If the characters attack him for any reason, Reidoth transforms into a gray squirrel and scurries out of the cottage through a crack in the wall. He vanishes into the woods, then waits for the hostile characters to leave. His watch post contains nothing of value.


The party entered the dragon’s tower while he was away, stealing 2 magic scrolls, disturbing his axe Hew which they put into a Bag Of Holding.

Shoran Barnil disturbed the dragon’s hoard, and the dragon returned. Thia asked the dragon to spare the party in return for handing over all of it’s gold. The party all acquiesced, but Shoran tried to trick the dragon and was caught in his ruse.

Suddenly the dragon hit the party with it’s poison breath killing Shoran and almost killing Laoise. The druid Reidoth arrived and gave the party a chance to escape.


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