35 Year Old Half-Orc. 6’ 5" Tall



Orphaned at a young age, Krill was raised by Humans who took him in. His adoptive parents dying of disease at a young age found him out on the streets. Discovered by Captain Devis Tyco, a human serving in the Imperial army took pity on Krill, and could see his potential as a powerful warrior. Tycho knew his superiors would never allow a half-Orc to serve among the ranks officially. Nevertheless Krill fought with the company for several years, being fed and provided a place to lay his head was enough to keep him happy. Tycho was an influential officer, and his vouching for this Half-Orc led to none of the men disagreeing. Over time his fellow soldiers and officers came to see Krill, if not as an equal, at least as an extremely effective fighter and someone they would rather have fight with them than against them. Finally feeling accepted by his human brothers-in-arms, Krill fought in several campaigns and over the years finally became an officer, ascending to the rank of Corporal. During the Battle of Telos, Captain Tycho was felled in battle. His corpse discovered by Krill only after the dust has settled. Without Tycho to vouch for him several of the other young brass who never warmed to the Half-Orc lobbied command to have him kicked out of the army for being a half-breed. The newly appointed Captain, Cpt. Vance Everhart was more than happy to discharge Krill. The few friends he had in the leadership were not able to prevent his dismissal, but ensured he had an honourable discharge and as such could keep his coat of arms. Krill nevertheless felt betrayed by the only people he ever considered family. Since his discharge Krill does not feel comfortable around humans, who do not accept him, but knows he is nowhere near feral enough to be around Orks. Krill wears a hood most places he goes in an attempt to stay incognito and blend into the crowd. Which as 6ft 5 is no easy feat.


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