Hamun Kost

Stout, red-robed figure with sallow skin, a shaved scalp, and a black tattoo on his forehead.


If any character attempts to talk to Kost, even by calling out a greeting or answering his questions during combat, he temporarily calls off his zombies. The Red Wizard is not particularly aggressive, and he is willing to strike a deal that advances his interests at the same time it helps the characters.

Kost stays tight-lipped about the reason for his presence in the region. He is, however, willing to provide information the party needs if it does a favour for him. If the characters give Kost some indication of what they want, he shares one or both of these requests:

He wants the orcs at Wyvern Tor removed, since they have scouted out his camp and seem inclined to cause trouble.
He wants to ask a question of Agatha the banshee: “What is the name of the wizard who built the tower at Old Owl Well?” Kost won’t risk the banshee’s anger, but the characters could ask the question for him. (Agatha knows the name: Arthindol.)


Red Wizards originate from Thay, a kingdom to the far east of Faerun. Magic is commonplace there, especially necromancy. It is ruled by the Lich Lord Szass Tam. Thayans are pretty well despised outside of thay, and most try very hard to hide their appearance from others. Many are also refugees who have escaped Szass’s clutches, as any Thayan who tries to leave is sentenced to death (Which you can imagine is less than desirable, and not entirely permanent when a Lich Lord is involved). Many Thayans will also pose as refugees to try and hunt down those who have fleed, hoping to gain favor with Szass.

Hamun Kost

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