Gundren Rockseeker


Gundren is a friendly dwarf and patron of the PCs. He is about 4ft in stature, and loud and boisterous but not brash.

He is bald, with a bright red beard which he has braided on each side, with little rings of gold tied into his beard near the bottom.Gundren.jpg



Gundren, Tharden, and Nundro are the Rockseeker Brothers. This trio of dwarves have been attempting to rediscover the Wave Echo Mines in hopes to reopen it. Unfortunately, they have all seem to have gone missing. No one in Phandalin has seen any of the dwarven brothers recently.

Tharden Rockseeker was killed when Nezznar the Black Spider took the mine. The drow captured Nundro for the purposes of torturing the younger brother to weed out any more secrets the mine might have and has the dwarf kept under lock and key in the Wave Echo Cave. Gundren Rockseeker had been out of town resupplying when Nezznar struck, so the drow sent out the Cragmaw goblin tribe to track the last dwarf brother down and capture him before the adventurers made it to Phandalin.

Nundro Rockseeker is one of Gundren Rockseeker’s brothers. Together, the three dwarven brothers discovered the whereabouts of Wave Echo Cave.

Nundro was captured, imprisoned, and tortured by Nezznar the Black Spider. His brother Tharden wasn’t as lucky, he was murdered upon Nundro’s capture.

Gundren Rockseeker

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