Drachen Lupo

Middle Aged Elf missing his index finger on his left hand


Drachen was a middle-aged elf who works as the Master of Secrets for the Reapers. Drachen usually kept to himself. He preferred to listen than to speak, so Alvo never talked a lot with him. Drachen was often present when ‘Leo’ would meet with Red. One of Drachen’s most notable features was that he was missing his index finger on his left hand. He was also very rarely seen without his black feathered hawk which sat on his shoulder. Apart from running a network of spies Drachen was also responsible for recruitment within the Reapers. It was Drachen who reached out to Leo Skyfoot at first offering him an easy contract with the Reapers. At the time, Reejus didn’t even know who he was working for. Despite working directly for Drachen many times, most contact was done via Azura so Reejus rarely spoke to Drachen himself.


Drachen Lupo

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