Avengers of The Fellowship

The Siege of Phandalin

People in inn cautious.

Gang discuss options. They eventually decide to trick the Redbrands into entering the Sleeping Giant Inn, and killing them with poisoned ale.

Thia & Alvo scout the Neverwinter woods to the North, discovering a Redbrand encampment. (Falcon poop)

Wowo & Shoran spend the day harvesting material to poison the Redbrands (14 ppl)

Krill & Thoraduul meet with the owner of the Sleeping Giant and trick him into accepting a party booking for the Redbrands arrival. They offer to act as security guards for the night. They also met with Daran Edermath, who warned them to be careful and said he would do his best to mobilise the militia, and Harbin Wester, who seemed disapproving of the group.

Receiving a letter from Athos Dern asking them to meet at Tresandar Manor at sundown, the gang obliged.


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