Avengers of The Fellowship

The gang were informed by Sildar Hallwinter that a member of the Lord’s Alliance, Iarno Albrek was missing, last seen several months ago near Tresendar manor (coincidentally about the time that the Redbrands became more active).

Thoraduul & Alvo returned from clearing out the Stone Giant Inn. The party then invaded Tresendar Manor where they killed several Redbrands. They met a new Redbrand Recruit named Steve. Despite realising that Steve was a nice guy the party fed him to the Nothic in an attempt to assuay the beast’s ire.

After spending the night safely in the armoury they discovered that Iarno had escaped.

The party then found a beaten down goblin that couldn’t speak in common. They locked him into a cell in the manor and left him with 3 Redbrand bodies.

The group informed Sildar Hallwinter that Iarno was a traitor, and that he had escaped and Sildar left to speak to the Lords’ Alliance. Sildar also recognised that one of the letters was sealed with the crest of the infamous and elusive Reaper Gang

The group also met Harbin Wester, the townmaster of Phandalin who hired them to take out the Orcs on the Eastern Trail. He believed they were based out of Wyvern Tor

Sister Garaele told the party about Agatha and requested they ask her about Bowgentle’s spellbook.

Travelling East along the Wilderness of the Triboar trail, the party was attacked by 7 goblins. The next day they were attacked by an Ogre. Finally the next night they were attacked by 6 Orc Raiders.

We last left the party less than a day’s travel from the ruins of Conyberry, close to Agatha’s Lair, and the Old Owl Well


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