Avengers of The Fellowship

Previously on AMC's....The Walking Dead.

Travelled along road towards Agatha’s lair, when they realised they were not alone. They realised there was a Tiefling Ranger named Laoise who joined them.


They met Agatha and got the last known location of Bowgentle’s spellbook.
They travelled along the road where they saw a beggar they recognised as Aefed. (Didn’t understand truffle reference) (Doppleganger). After quizzing them on their intent he left heading Eastward and disappeared.

They then travelled to Old Owl Well where they encountered a necromancer. After a failed sneak mission, and then a failed deception mission the necromancer attacked and a fierce battle took place between the wizard, and his zombie minions.

Eventually the tide was turned when Thoraduul Brawnhammer used his divine ability to turn undead to cause most of the zombies to shuffle off into the wilderness.

Searching the Necromancer’s tent they found several useful items. That’s where the session ended.


keithquinlan keithquinlan

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